What can the Accounting tab do?

Tracking, billing and chasing down payments

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  • CounselMore automates your personal billing.
  • CounselMore keeps track of time spent, per billing profile.
  • Click a timer before you begin, click again to save your time.
  • Track your Pro Bono time, as well as, total time. Easily evaluate your service-to-fee ratio.

Offer hourly packages? 

  • Set an automated countdown of hours used.
  • Set different billing packages for different services and apply with one click.
  • Don't chase payments or write reminders to follow up.
  • Automate client billing, and let emailed invoices remind your client of hours used, services completed, payment received, balance due.
  • Automation means fewer conversations with parents about money. We understand how uncomfortable these conversations can be. 
  • Track outside income and outside expenses in Pro Suite expense reports.
  • Track your mileage.
  • All of these features decrease the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks and minimizes reporting for business taxes.