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Logging into your College Counseling Portal

Instructions for Students & Parents

Tip For Counselors: Download the video below and embed on your website. This will make it super easy access for your parents and students. 


Walkthrough of a Student signing in for the first time after receiving an invite


WARNING: The email that received this Student Portal invite is the same email that your counselor will use to share files with you. You must use the same email for Google Drive as you do for your Student Portal.  


Steps to signing in for the first time:

  1. Receive invite in your email inbox
    • I can't find the invite.
      • What email address did you give your counselor? Are you looking in that inbox?
      • Have you searched your spam?
      • Do you have a limit the number of emails you can receive? Many email providers limit the number before sending new emails. Clean out your trash.
  2. Open invite
    1. Click link in the invitation to your Student / Parent Portal
    2. You will be prompted to change your password.
    3. After updating your password, you will receive a message to Login again, using your new password.
  3. Login to Student & Parent Portal, not the Counselor's portal.
    1. Step through the introduction screens.
    2. Answer the Self Assessment questions. These are directly related to your admission probability, as you will see in "What are my chances?"