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A more in depth look at lists and data columns

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Default Data Columns

columns that represent data points for each college


Let's add any college to our Sample Student's Counselor List.

In the example above we see many columns. Each column represents a different data point associated with its given college. The columns that you see here are provided by default but can add other columns or remove some of these if we wish. 


Selecting Your Default Data Columns 

Let's update the default columns for all our students


Settings > College Data Menu Defaults 

When you get to the page above you've you'll notice several banners running down the page. These banner organize all the data points by category and you can see the full list by clicking on any banner. 

In the example above I've chosen to expand the Application Guidelines category. Next to the name, we'll see three icons. A parent, student, and App Tracker icon. In this case, these columns can appear in all 3 lists but this isn't always going to be the case. Go through the columns and select your preference by highlighting the appropriate icon(s). Once you have selected your defaults, click "Merge With All Student" at the top to apply the new columns. If you go back to the student record with this final step, you will no change. 


Warning: Merge With All Students will not remove any deselected columns. Please be sure to set your defaults before adding a large number of students. 


Reordering Columns


Once you've selected your default columns, you can reorder at the bottom of the same page. Don't forget to click Merge With All Students once done. 

Warning: Any student record that existed prior to the changes made in defaults, will remain the same with any new columns added to the far the far right. If you were to add a New Student with a new list - then you would see removed columns if any.

How to add/edit information in custom columns


There are 2 types of Custom Columns:

  1. Custom Data Column:   An information column, that you create and is only seen by you. Track any unique college information in a separate column. Available to you as any other data point.
    1. There are many information columns to choose from but what if there was something specific you'd liked track. A custom column would provide an empty editable column for you to keep that information.
  2. Custom Status Column: Allows you to add editable columns for both you and your student in the Application tracker.
    1. Many counselors have a proprietary application process. Although there are several status columns to choose from 

🙈  Do not use a Custom data Column for notes or tasks specific to a student. These are for you information keeping.Custom columns are only editable to you. The column is a general information column as is any data point on the menu.


What are Custom data Columns used for?   Why would a counselor use these?

We have seen counselors use it in these ways:
We have one counselor who created a custom column for her specific contacts in each school's athletics dept.
Another showed us how she tracks in person audition specifics.
Another shared with us that she tracks, internal on campus scholarships.
Use these to track items about schools that are specific to your style or practice.

What are Custom Application Tracker columns used for? Why would a counselor use these?

We have seen counselors use it in these ways:

We have one counselor who added Campus Visit, to her list of Application Tracker columns.  Her student uses their Application Tracker to record their progress on scheduling campus visits, for each school on their application tracker list.

We have one counselor who added Ast. Coach Connections, ensuring that the student has emailed each Ast. Coach. 

Use these to add tasks to the student's Application Tracker and track the task for each school.

How do I build Custom Columns?

  1.  Go to Settings, College Data Menu Defaults.
  2. Open the banner
  3. Add your desired label, make green to show on the List, then click the + button to the right.
  4. Click the Merge with All Students button if you would like the Custom Column to show up for all students. If not, then don't click Merge with All and instead chose per each student from within the student's record.
  5. After Merge with All Students, any columns that already existed on a current student's list WILL NOT DISAPPEAR. Any new columns will be appended to the right of any current columns on their college lists.


Add Your Own Counselor Opinions, Tags, Links, and College Notes

In your Counselor list, scroll through information columns all the way to the right.

Counselor Opinion Column:

Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 10.23.23 AM

Only available in the Counselor's list
  1. Scroll over any cell in the column.
  2. See eyeball appear.
  3. Double click eyeball
  4. Type in your comment
  5. click Save
  6. Click closed.

Links Column

Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 10.53.19 AM

Building your college reference knowledge is easy with saving links to programs within a school in your Links column. Copy and paste the URL address to reference web pages regarding the school or program to outside agencies with news articles or other opinions.

For instance, Chapman university in California has a deep social media presence, link to their Facebook page via your links column.

  1. Scroll over any cell.
  2. The Pencil will appear
  3. A new box will open
  4. Click on Add Link
  5. In another tab, find your resource and copy the URL address
  6. Return to your CounselMore tab and determine a label for your link, see above the label is Analytics,
  7. Paste your link into the URL field
  8. Click Apply
  9. When you export a list to the Student's Google folder, the links column will appear.
  10. The links can be turned off/on per student.
  11. After saving the link, close the box
  12. Scroll over the box again.
  13. The Pencil will appear
  14. A new box will open
  15. See the Green Eyeball, click on it.

The eyeball is grey, it will not show for that student. It will not appear in their list export or in their student portal.

The eyeball is green, it will show for that student. It will appear in their list export and in their student portal.

👩‍🎓 If you already have College Notes/Tour notes or pictures, save on your Google drive, copy the link to those documents/folders and Add Link to those notes/pictures per college. This way you can access easily but also you can share and not share these per student.

Tags Column

Screen Shot 2020-12-24 at 11.04.17 AM

Add tag(s) to a school from Search Results, any Counselor List or any Student List, the How to, is the same.


  1. While you are looking at a list of schools, scroll to the right. The Tags column will be near the end.
  2. Double click on the cell you wish to add tags to.
  3. You will see a small popup where you will type the tag(s) for that college.
  4. Type the tag and hit return/enter on your keyboard to create/commit the tag.
  5. Repeat step 4 as many times as you like.

Once you have schools tagged it is easy to apply this full or partial list of schools to another student.

  1. Select the student you will apply the schools to.
  2. Go to their Counselor List, click on the menu button AppMenuBtn , click on Search.
  3. Click on the tab "My Database" 
  4. Click the button on the left side called "My Lists".
  5. Choose the appropriate tag and click the button to the right that says Show Results.
  6. Select some or all of the schools. Note: the Select All checkbox at the top of the table selects all schools on the page. If you want to select schools on page 2, go to page 2 and select them.

❌ How to delete Tags

  1. Round blue button
  2. select Search
  3. select My Database - look lower left
  4. select My Lists
  5. look center screen for your list of tags.
  6. see trash can

College Notes column

App Tracker


Tip: In Settings > Custom Default Data Menu, click the banner titled, Application Guidelines, this menu lists the columns of information most associated with the common college application requirements. When choosing application guidelines in the last banner, you were simultaneously selecting a corresponding Status column for each application requirement information column.


  • To the far left of the school name is a round red button. All red buttons in CounselMore are to delete information. Clicking on this button will send the school backward to the Student list.
  • To the right of that is school numbering or prioritizing. Change the number in the field, click enter and the list will adjust.
  • Above that is a click, drag and drop reordering feature.
  • The Fit columns carry over from the Counselor list.
    • There are four choices in the Fit column, tilted Net, Fit, Reach, Lottery. 
    • Net traditionally means that the student has a very high chance of getting into the school.
    • Fit traditionally means that the student has a medium chance of getting into the school.
    • Reach traditionally means that the student has an unlikely chance of getting into the school, but could get in if they tried very hard.
    • Lottery traditionally means that the student is very unlikely to get into the school, but it may be possible that the student has an extremely low chance of getting in.
  • Rearrange these columns by clicking, hold and drag on the column header.
  • All schools listed on the App Tracker are visible to the Student and Parent in their portals.
  • Follow up with the student by sharing your screen and methodically moving through the status of their tasks. When the task is complete, check the small box in the top right corner of the status cell. The cell will turn green, indicating the task is complete.

How to select data columns specific to a student

  1. Navigate to any of the 3 lists of any student record
  2. Click the round blue button with the orange halo
  3. Click College Data Menu
  4. At the top of the page is the student's name. You are now choosing data columns for this student's App Tracker.

Warning: Please note that if you add columns to a particular student's list, you will need to return and manually remove those columns in the future. Merging will all students in settings will remove any columns added to a particular student.


👩‍🎓 😎👨‍🎓   Super Tip:  Inside the Application Guidelines banner choose the Essays column and it will appear in the App Tracker. You can export these essays to the student's File Tab with one click. For more details see this KBA.



Accepted / Declined / Waitlisted 

All schools promoted to the App Tracker will automatically appear in the student's Bio Banners.

  1. Click the pencil icon to the left of the name on the student record.
  2. Bio banners will appear.
  3. Click on Accepted / Declined banner

Track acceptances, majors, rewards and the inevitable results - easy!

Export App Tracker to Files Tab

You can also export the App Tracker directly to the student's Google drive folder. Clients are impressed with the comfortable review of a spreadsheet, delivered directly to their email box. 

  1. Export the App Tracker using the Round button.
  2. Goto to Assignments tab.
  3. Make a New Assignment, copy to parents, start date today. Link Assignment to the spreadsheet in student's folder. Email.


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