How Do I Submit a Help Request? How do I access support?

Use the Help button in the top banner to submit a Feature Request, a Bug or something more urgent.

What do I need to include in a help request?

  • Step by Step instructions on how to reproduce the issue on our end.
  • Please take a screenshot of the error message. Do not zoom into the error message. We can zoom in just fine. Being able to see the entire window allows for a better understanding of where you are in the app and can even help us identify the issue more quickly. 

How do I take a screenshot?

In order to take a screenshot, you can either print screen (the Prnt Scrn key at the top right of your keyboard), or you could download something that you can take a screenshot with for free, such as TinyTake

  • If your issue revolves around a student, please include that student's email. 
  • Be sure to specify your timeline in terms of when you need this to be resolved. We try to get to urgent issues within 30min and in order to maintain that level of satisfaction please be mindful of when you can wait for your issue to be resolved. 


How to submit from the app


If your issue pertains to a particular student, please click into that student record before clicking "Help". Clicking help when you're in a student record sends particular student information back to support and it can help speed up troubleshooting. If you press the Help button while in settings or dashboard, it will not send anything useful back. 


1. Click "Help" at the top right

2. Click "Contact us"

3. In the pop-up window, let us know how quickly you need help by clicking "select a priority". General Inquiries typically receive a response within 4 hours when writing during business hours and is a sufficient priority in most cases. 

4. Add a subject line, body, any necessary attachments, and click "Send"