GuidedPath Questions & Answers

Will my Prompt account move to CounselMore?

Yes - they have confirmed you will continue to access your white label account.


Can I bring all of my historical client data?

What information can be imported?

  • Parent and student contact information: Names, email addresses, phone numbers, graduation years, and student active/inactive status.
  • Assignments : Assignment name, description, due date, and status.
  • Test scores: SAT and ACT test date, test type, scores.
  • College Lists: The "Interested Colleges" list will be imported as the "Counselor List". The "My Colleges" list will be imported as the "Student List". "Not Interested Colleges" will not be imported. We will also assign an Net, Fit, Reach to colleges in these lists based on your selections in GuidedPath.
  • Other student information : like address, high school name, GPA.

For free?

Yes - there is no charge to migrate your data as long as you stay subscribed to CounselMore for 1 year or more. A $100 service fee will occur if we migrate your data and you cancel within a year.


Can I bring my surveys with me?

Yes, you will export your current survey results and keep them in your Google Drive folder for a given student. Additionally, we have surveys too.


Do you have calendar integration?

Yes. We partner with Calendly and Acuityscheduling.

WAIT! There's more!

Your student will go to your website, make an appointment, their appointment can show up as an Assignment in the Student's CounselMore account (as well as receiving the usual meeting confirmations).

For prospective clients, who you have never met before, they can book an appoint on your website and then can AUTOMATICALLY show up in your CounselMore account as a "new" client. And yes, their folders will auto-create too! (yeah we know - we think it's super cool too!)


I cannot find a convenient time for a demo. I purchased and I need to get into training class when it's convenient for me.

Yes - email with your (Time Zone) times / dates. We will get you setup.


How will I access Net Price Calculator?

In CounselMore, you will access QuatroMoney. The result is a sharp looking pdf break down of 4 year costs. The student can even personalize the plan further.


Do you have Fiske?

Yes and so do you.



Yes, we do reporting. Accept/Decline, by high school, financials and so on.


I only use Google drive when I need to. I'm afraid I have to learn Google Drive and CounselMore. Is that true?

No not exactly. It's a necessity that counselors confidently use Google drive, no matter what software platform they choose. Here's a stark difference between us and others: CounselMore recognizes you as a colleague and our obligations to our network of peers (that's you). CounselMore takes you through Google 1:1 hands on support, Google meetup groups, and general tech support when you're stuck. We are so committed to our members that there is a "hair on fire" button.