Training Sessions with CounselMore

From acquaintance to long time colleague, you'll feel at home.

✍️ How do I make a reservation for a live training sessions?    click this link

Follow the training path. (image below)

📘 How do I begin my self study?              click this link

📽️ Where can I read help articles or watch videos on my own?       click this link

🆘 Where can I go to get help asap?       

  1. From inside your CounselMore app, look in the header, click the Help menu.
  2. Choose Contact us
  3. Set your priority by selecting "Hair on Fire"  🔥
  4. We will get to you ASAP with an extinguisher.  👨‍🚒

🔒 Where can I get help if I can't get into my CounselMore account?


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