4) Google Drive Prep & Connect

Create the necessary folder structure in Google and learn how to navigate in both Google & CounselMore

  • If you are new to Google Drive or would like a refresher, please go through our Google Drive Basics article
  • These instructions are for Single Counselor CounselMore accounts (most users are on Single Counselor Account). If you are on a Multi Counselor Account, please see Multi Counselor Drive Connection 
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Organizing Your Drive

  1. Create a folder for each student (if they don't already have one) at the root of your drive
  2. Organize and move files to the respective student folder 


CounselMore Folder Structure

  1. At the root level of your drive, click "My Drive"
  2. Create a New Folder titled: CounselMore
  3. Double click into that CounselMore folder
  4. Create another New Folder, inside that CounselMore folder, titled: Student Records
  5. In the same CounselMore folder, create another New Folder titled: Master Folders

    The result will look like this:

    The folders you have just created are permanent additions to your Google drive, for the purposes of using and connecting your CounselMore account.

    Connecting Your G Drive To CounselMore & Linking the Student Records folder

    1. Go to Settings by clicking your name at the top right hand corner.
    2. Click on Google Drive in the menu on the far left side of your screen.
    3. Authorize the connection
      1. If asked for the username and password, enter the credentials for your Google Account. Not the username and password for your CounselMore account.
    4. Go through the Google Sign in process.
    5. Under section, "Folders Configuration", click button labeled "Add Client Storage Folder"
    6. A new window will open (this is your Google drive directory)
    7. Double Click the CounselMore folder 
    8. Single Click Student Records
    9. Click the blue button at the bottom labeled "Select"
    10. You should now see your Student Records folder labeled in the CounselMore app


    Now that you've Prepped & Connected your Drive, every new student added to CounselMore will be automatically provisioned a student folder in Google Drive, if they don't already have one


    The two scenarios below cover the following:

    • You already have a Student Record in CounselMore but you created it before connecting your Drive. Meaning the folder didn't autogenerate & link. Before doing this, make sure you only have one folder with the student's name in your entire Drive. The CM will match the folder by name.
    • You already have a student folder in your Drive but you haven't added that student to CM yet. When adding the student, make sure to match the name, to whatever the name is on the file.

    Linking existing Student Records to student folders in G Drive

    1. Head to any Student Record that has a corresponding student folder in G Drive
    2. Click on the Files Tab
      1. You should see a blue banner on the top right with a success message

    Linking a newly added Student to an Existing G Drive folder 

    1. Add student
    2. Match student name to student folder name on Google Drive

    Importing Files From Google

    1. Head to any student record > Files Tab
    2. Click on the Orange Halo > Import from Google
    3. Select the document(s) you want to import

    Creating a Master Folder

    1. Gather all the documents you want to organize into your Master folder
    2. Right click document > move to > CounselMore > create master folder > move here
      1. Move the rest of your files

    Connecting a Master Folder From G Drive To CounselMore

    1.  From within your CounselMore Account > Settings (at the top right) > Google Drive
    2. Click a button labeled "Add New Master Folder"
    3. A new window will open (this is your Google drive directory)
    4. Navigate through, CounselMore > Master > single click "Welcome Material"
    5. Click the blue button at the bottom labeled "Select"
    6. You should now see your master folder labeled in the CounselMore app

    How do I Apply a Master Folder to a student?

    There are two ways to apply a master folder 

    •  In the Add Student window
      1. Go to the Student Records page
      2. Click "Add Student"
      3. Enter name, grad year, and set as active
      4. Select template(s) from the banner that has appeared 
    • From a Student Record's File Tab
      1. Any Student Record > Files Tab > Blue Beach Ball > Apply templates
      2. Check the box next to the Templates you want to apply
      3. Click "Copy Selected Template(s)"


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