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Acuity setup

Stop managing multiple calendars. Start your free Acuity account and link it to CounselMore.


  1. Click here to create your Free Acuity Account.
  2. Next, watch a few select videos to get you up-to-speed on Acuity. Follow along with them as you set up your Availability and Appointment Types.
  3. Now that your Acuity account has been set up, go into CounselMore Settings and click Acuity Scheduling to start syncing.
  4. First you'll authenticate with Acuity. We do not store your Acuity credentials. The login component is directly from Acuity, embedded in CounselMore. Note: This Acuity Login component does not like 'auto-populate'. If your credentials auto-populate and the 'Submit' button remains gray, simply delete and re-add the last character in your password.
  5. Now that your Acuity account is linked, test this by booking an appointment with yourself using the email address of your Fake Student.
  6. After booking you will see a new item in your Fake Student's Assignments with the title 'Meeting' + the date of the meeting.

When a parent books an appointment they must enter their student's email address first and then theirs (student@gmail.com, parent@gmail.com) in the email line of the booking form. This will ensure the appointment appears as an item in that student's Assignments.

  1. Now return to your Acuity invite in the email of your Fake Student and click 'cancel'.
  2. After cancelling the appointment, you will see that the Assignments items display near the bottom of the Assignments, having been marked 'done' is now labeled 'canceled'.