6) Scheduling & Calendar Connections (Optional)

The article below goes over the benefits of using our Calendly integration


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For simplicity, this article will go over calendar connections using Calendaly. If you're looking to setup/connect Acuity, please see this article.


Why use Calendly?

  • When an existing student books a meeting through a Calendly event, it will automatically be added to that student’s Assignments and they can be reminded of it in their weekly assignments summary.
  • When a prospective student books a meeting through Calendly, CounselMore will automatically create a new student record with a status of Prospect (vs Active) at the top of your QuickList of students.
  • You can add your Calendly booking link to your existing website and your Custom Menu in CounselMore for easy student/parent access.
  • Everything mentioned above can be done with a Pro Calendly account.
  • You can take payment directly through Calendly (transaction fees may apply)

Even if you already have a Calendly account, it's required that you create a separate account dedicated solely to CounselMore. Both Calendly accounts will be linked to your calendar so you will still see everything bookings in one place.

Do I need to create a separate Calendly account for CounselMore?

  • Some counselors have tutoring, essay reviews, and college counseling events, and when a student schedules an event (for example, a tutoring event) on their Calendly that's connected, due to that connection, that student will be added to the counselor's portal when the counselor only wants the kids who want college counseling, not those who want tutoring, essay reviews, and other things that aren't related to college counseling. So long as your new Calendly account is dedicated to your college counseling practice and has events for college counseling only, you should have no issue with any of the above things listed.

Using Calendly with CounselMore

Click here to create a Calendly account.

How to create a Calendly Event

How to manipulate Calendly to become a student intake form


When a parent books a meeting we want to make sure the student's name and the student's email is entered for the Name & Email fields in the Invitee Questions section. These are the fields we use to populate your New Student. Please see below for an example for another example of a client intake form from Calendly.


Every question after name & email is a custom question created by the Counselor


Answers to these questions will auto-populate into the Confidential Notes section of your prospect Student's Bio Banner.


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