3) Student & Parent Portal

How to best utilize the Student/Parent Portal

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This video shows you how to assign Assessments after a Student is created.


  1. Go to any Student Record > Click the pencil to open the Bio Banner
  2. Click the Self-Assessment Banner to expand the window
  3. Select the Self Assessments you want to share


Tip: Assign an Assessment during Student creation to save time:

  1. Click Add Student.
  2. Add the information as you normally would.
  3. At the bottom of the popup you will expand the Self Assessment banner.
  4. Simply tick the Self Assessments you want to share.


Encrypted Keychain


What is the Encrypted Keychain? The Encrypted Keychain is a way for you to pass credentials of important resources on to your students. This avoids the confusion of lost credentials in emails and text messages. 

How to add a new Encrypted Keychain

  1. Open a Student Record
  2. Click pencil icon to left of name to open the Bio Banner
  3. Click "Encrypted Keychain"
  4. Add your login credentials to the fields provided
  5. Once you update this for one student, all students will see your credentials in their Student Portal, under Encrypted Keychain


How Students interact with Assignments, Files, Student List, App Tracker, & Messaging Tabs - older video  NEW Video below


NEW Video below

    When did my Student last login? You can see when your student last logged in by going to their Student Record and hovering over the lock by their name. In the example below, Mark last signed into his portal about an hour ago. 


    How can I help my students sign in for the first time?


    Walkthrough of a Student signing in for the first time after receiving an invite


    Steps to signing in for the first time:

    1. Receive invite in your email inbox
      • I can't find the invite.
        • What email address did you give your counselor? Are you looking in that inbox?
        • Have you searched your spam?
        • Do you have a limit the number of emails you can receive? Many email providers limit the number before sending new emails. Clean out your trash.
    2. Open invite
      1. Click link in the invitation to your Student / Parent Portal
      2. You will be prompted to change your password.
      3. After updating your password, you will receive a message to Login again, using your new password.
    3. Login to Student & Parent Portal, not the Counselor's portal.
      1. Step through the introduction screens.
      2. Answer the Self Assessment questions. These are directly related to your admission probability, as you will see in "What are my chances?"


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    Hot Tip: When onboarding a new prospective client there is much information a counselor must collect. Read here and think about your client onboarding process.