3) Parent & Student Portal Homework

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  1. Invite Fake Student to their Portal and their shared Google Drive folder.
    1. Use a test email or an alternative email when creating your fake student
    2. Assign all 3 Self-Assessments & invite the student to the portal 
    3. Access the invitation email from a different browser (Firefox, Safari, Edge). You're already signed into the Counselor Portal on Chrome so you can't use it to also sign in as your fake student
      1. Once you're in your second browser, go to the inbox of the fake student's email, click the invitation email and click "Getting Started"
    4. Follow through the sign in flow until you're in the portal
    5. Go to the Files Tab (still as the student) and see the message
    6. Go back to your Counselor Portal in Chrome and share the drive folder
    7. Go back to your student browser and notice the change in the Files Tab
  2. Assign your 3 Routine Assignments to this student
    1. Adjust the dates so that only 2 of those assignments are visible to the student
  3. Add 3 colleges to this Counselor List of this student
    1. Promote 2 of those colleges to the Student List
    2. Switching browsers to the Student Portal, go to the Student List and Promote one of those colleges to the App Tracker
    3. Still as the student, go to the app tracker and get an idea of how a growing list can be condensed and optimized as application deadlines approach. 
  4. Add to the Keychain from the Counselor Portal and see how that appears for the student. 

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