5) Routine Assignments Homework

Complete before moving onto section 6


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  1. Think of 3 assignments that you assign regularly to all your students
    1. Can't think of one? Look in your Sent email box. It is more than likely you have written an email to a student and copied and pasted the same communication to another student. That's repetitive! Now we will transform that into part of an organized routine.
  2. Draft those 3 assignments into new routine assignments 
    1. Add each one to a group (can be an existing group or create a new group)
    2. Add a start date (Start Date is the date the Assignment will be visible)
  3. Bulk assign one routine assignment to each test student from where you are in Routine assignments
  4. Close Routine Assignments and goto one of the test student accounts, Assignments tab & apply the remaining two assignments from there (Hint: Round blue button)
  5. Once applied, open one of the assignments (pencil icon) and link the assignment to a file from the students folder.

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