1) Account Settings & Customization Homework

Complete before moving onto the next section


Navigate back to the Account Settings & Customization training section


  1. Complete setup of the following sections
    1. My Business Setup
    2. Texting Setup
    3. My Account (subscribe to a paid plan if needed)
  2. Send a test message using the Broadcasting Station
  3. Add 3 items to your Expense Log
  4. Download all resources in your Toolbox and go through them
  5. In Webmaster, do the following
    1. Copy the Student Portal link
    2. Open a private window in Chrome. See instructions if needed.
    3. Paste the Student Portal Link in this window and go
      1. You should now be at the Student Portal login page. Please note this is a different page/url than the Counselor Portal you use to sign in.

Move onto the next section in your Training Program, College Lists & App Tracker.

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